Miscarriage: His Faithfulness Endures

I want to start by saying this "blog post" isn't about being grammatically correct and it isn't proof read - God has laid this heavy on my heart to share, so I'm just typing what He places on my heart as I go. Miscarriage: It's something you don't hear people share a lot about (at least not publicly) and after going through it I completely understand why - it's hard to talk about. However, God has placed it on my heart to share because I know God doesn't waste ANYTHING, specifically not one of the most heartbreaking, emotional, and devastating moments of my life (and Jared's).


His Love.

Jared and I have been going through Hebrews and every time we finish our reading for the day we are in so much awe of who God is. A few days ago, we read Hebrews 11:1-16 and the thing that stood out to me most was God’s love. The passage reads: “Now faith is the... Continue Reading →

His Ultimate Provision

“God is always doing 10,000 things in your life, but you may be aware of three of them" (John Piper)   Some days I feel God's presence in nearly every aspect of my life and other days I am in a fog of frustration because I simply don't feel His presence. While I KNOW that... Continue Reading →


It seems like the waves of tragedy and suffering keep rolling in with no end in sight, leaving many hopeless.  The recent Orlando shooting makes me think back to an article I read after the San Bernardino shooting last year.  The article by Jennings Brown was titled, "After San Bernardino Everyone's Sick of Your 'Thoughts... Continue Reading →

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